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“The great problems of life… are always related to the primordial images of the collective unconscious…
The unconsious is not just evil by nature, it is also the source of the highest good: not only dark but also light, not only bestial, semihuman, and demonic, but superhuman, spiritual, and, in the classical sense of the word, “divine.” "

  • Carl Gustave Jung

“…For every human being there is a diversity of existences… the single existence is itself an illusion…”

  • Saul Bellow

“It seems to me that there might well be the equivalent, with regard to the collective unconscious, of the concept in physics of “critical mass.” Are we approaching it? Quite possibly—consider the resurgance of spiritualism, in all its guises, and don’t neglect the function of the fantasy role-playing games. The characters, the situations… all seem to touch something that is basic and fundamental.

But where would the locus of crisis be? And how can it be exploited? Perhaps the best approach would be neither induction nor deduction, but, rather, empirical experimentation.


  • Vincent Arthur Hornsgor

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