Playable Races


Dwarf- Dwarves hail primarily from the Elzabett Mountains in the North or the Sharadan Mountains in the South. Besides the division between North and South culturally, there are two main offshoots of the dwarven race: the mountain dwarves and the hill dwarves. For more information about dwarves, click the following link.

Elf- Elves can be found dwelling in the wild reaches of Lemuria, from lush forests and vast plains, to the scorched deserts and the frozen tundras, and even beneath the waves of the seas. Elves are deeply connected to their environments, and are just as varied. For more information about elves, click the following link.

Human- Humans can be found far and wide, with a myriad of appearances and cultures. Besides the half-breeds, the only known human “sub race” are the people of the Anuran and White Marshes, whom display certain amphibious qualities. For more information about human cultures, click the following link.

Tomte- Tomte are a small and lythe race of shapeshifters, and can be found in or near any human settlement. While many can shapeshift into the form of a small animal, some have been known to become creatures as large or larger than bears, or even into other humanoid forms. For more information about the Tomte, click the following link.

Trollkin- Trollkin are large hulking, bestial humanoids, with the blood of trolls running through their veins. Largely tribal, they dwell within any lands that will hold them, often coming into conflict with encroaching human settlements. For more information about the Trollkin, click the following link.


Aether-Touched- Mutated by the ambient magical energy known to the mages as “aether,” the aether-touched vary wildly in appearance and abilities. The aether-touched can be found within any race, though the implications of their condition vary from culture to culture. More information about the Aether-Touched can be found on that race’s page.

Half-Breed- Half-breeds, or more accurately, half-humans, are exactly that: half human and half non-human. More information about half-breeds can be found under the Humans’ page.

Playable Races

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